Vita Illuminata explores paths and tools for spiritual seekers to heighten awareness and consciousness.

While few people realize, everybody is on the way to enlightenment. Enlightenment is the ultimate purpose in life. Depending on ones tradition enlightenment might go by many names. Enlightenment is approached through growth in consciousness, which is the purpose of this website. is non-sectarian and would support the view that true spiritual seekers practice outside any form of organized religion or are tolerant to any tradition and path while practicing their own. This approach is grounded in experience, not faith. It is not about believing, it is about knowing. True spiritual advancement and happiness fall into place when we take full responsibility of ourselves.

Topics covered are based on personal experience and are thus eclectic. Currently they include meditation, health & nutrition, yoga and poetry.

Thank you to visit and I hope you stay is beneficial. May all beings be happy – Poyel Nelson. Please feel free to contact me.

Enlightenment starts every moment with a more conscious way of living. The longest journey starts with a first step out of the too- busy and over-communicated lives that most of us got into. This first step depends on the current life situation of each individual and the determination allocated for growth in awareness. However, this first step will certainly relate to body, mind or soul in one way or the other, thus broadly defining the topics that Vita Illuminate sets out to cover.