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5 Tips for Salvaging a Toxic Workplace

The worse your workplace is, the more it creates a long term impact on your ability to cope with stress. You spend most of your day either at work or traveling to and from work, and when your workplace causes stress, it can lead to a host of regular, daily symptoms, including: Nausea before going […]

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City Dwellers Are More Vulnerable To Stress

People living in cities run a higher risk of suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder. Researchers now have a possible explanation: An experiment showed a much stronger response to stress in the brain of city residents. Moving to the countryside sounds for many urban dwellers like relaxation, better air, less traffic noise and perhaps […]

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Study detects the worst fattening foods

What’s more fattening, candy or chips? Over a period of 20 years, researchers have accompanied more than 120,000 people on the search for the worst fattening foods. The ranking holds a surprise. It does not sound so dramatic: about 380 grams gained the participants of a large U.S. study on average per year. But as […]

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Buteyko as alternative to Pranayama?

  More recently I have been looking for ways to reduce daily time spent on my practice consisting of sitting meditation (Vipassana) and yoga (asanas and pranayama). I learned about Buteyko from a friend who addresses his hyperventilation using this breathing method. At first sight the similarities between the Boteyko method and common practices of […]

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Breath Counting Meditation Procedure

Meditation is explained as a mental self-discipline of setting the thoughts to its deeper state of relaxation. It arrives from the root word, meditate is derived from the Latin phrase “meditatum”, which means to believe or to ponder. There are really a handful of mediation approaches to achieve this state of brain. These days, every […]

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Deepak Chopra’s Latest Book, ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes,’ Links Ancient Wisdom to Modern Comic Book Mythology

Deepak Chopra’s bestselling book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success offered readers rules to live by that had the power to materially transform their lives. But times have changed and we are balancing more than ever before. In THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUPERHEROES (HarperOne; June 2011; Hardcover; $25.99; ISBN 9780062059666), Chopra reveals seven new […]

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Portable Yoga – Yoga and Meditation Classes for iPod and Cellphone

Yogis worldwide can now take yoga practice wherever they go; offers video yoga classes, meditation classes and pranayama exercises for cell phones and iPod. is an online yoga studio offering video classes in Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Sivananda Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and a free community Forum. For $9.95US per month, our members gain […]

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Dream Expert Says It’s Possible To Heal Your Body While Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, or the ability to become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state, has been proven since the late 1970’s. For years, lucid dreamers have discussed their lucid dream adventures of flying, interacting with dream figures, and influencing the dream landscape. But now, long-time lucid dreamer and author, Robert Waggoner, reports that […]

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