Having sufficient energy is vital to success. Power is the currency of our life and the ability to think thoughts. Therefore, knowing the best ways to increase your vital energy is very valuable.

And the energy I am talking about it is not glycogen in your cells after a meal full of carbohydrates. Instead, I mean the subtle energy that is all around us and in every cell of our bodies.

It has many names depending on cultural and spiritual backgrounds. Chi or Qi, Prana, Ruach Elohim, Mana or Life Force.

Vital Energy Affects Every Aspect of Your Life

Is this all-encompassing life force real? The western scientific method has its difficulties proving it. And as with many subtle or spiritual concepts, there will be quacks.

But ask yourself: Do you know when your tank is empty, and you need something else than just food? Have you had phases in your life when it was hard to get going and finish your tasks? Have you experienced depression-like states of mind? – It is tough to argue that on one level or another, you lacked vital energy.

And that vital energy is the term we are going to use here as it very aptly expresses what it is all about: the power and the drive to positively tackle your life and achieve your goals and a state of wellbeing.

Increasing your vital energy is, hey, it is in the adjective, ‘vital.’ Because it affects everything in your life, it’s not like one particular skill that you learn, but it is useful for everything. Higher levels of vital energy elevate your entire life’s playing field.

Maximizing your vital energy has to include ways to prevent depletion of energy you already have and gaining new strength.

This article will outline the ten best ways to increase your vital energy.

Vital Energy Affects Every Aspect of Your Life

Activities to Raise your General  Supply of Vital Energy

1. Get Some Sun

In recent years, many people tend to see the sun as dangerous. May this negative perception be due to the danger of skin cancer because of a leaky ozone layer, the threat of solar flares, or heat from climate change.

So we sometimes forget that the sun is also the primary life enabler on planet earth and that sunlight, in moderation, is good for us.

Just a few minutes sunlight on your face or body in the morning gets the natural biorhythm going, kicks of the vitamin D production, and lifts our mood. Ask people living close to the polar cycles what a winter without the sun does to their feeling.

Some say that drinking sun-charged water fills us with vital energy too.  Which brings me to the next point on our list.

2. Stay Hydrated

There is only one nutrient that boosts performance for all but the most taxing endurance exercises: water. If your body lacks fluids, you will experience a feeling of fatigue. Studies show that even mild dehydration can lower brain function and negatively affect mood and energy levels.

You lose water during the day through urine, sweat, and primarily when you work out in hot temperatures. So replenish water when you feel thirsty and keep in mind that older people don’t always necessarily feel thirst when they lack water. Hence the elderly even more consciously need to make an effort to stay hydrated.

3. Eat Nutritious Food

Nutrition has gained a quasi-religious status for many, and there is much to be said about that.

What concerns us here is that food contains not only nutrition but also vital energy.  It is whole, unprocessed nutritional food that provides the most critical power.

There is no one best diet, but you will need to determine your best dietary balance, which will change with your lifestyle and age.

Most meditation retreats will offer a light, vegetarian diet which is most conducive for long sessions of sitting. If you are a competitive athlete, a variation of a low-carb diet might work best for you.

There is a broad consense, however,  that processed sugar, trans fat, and chemical additives increase the risk of chronic diseases and lower energy levels.

Eat slowly, consciously, and with gratitude and the intention to extract vital energy from your food. Try eating in silence and only focus on your food.

Eat Nutritious Food to Increase Your Vital Energy

4. Move Your Body

Exercise. Your body consists of various parts connected by joints and ligaments and held together with muscles and fibers. Your design indicates you have to move. Hence you have to move to stay flexible, limber, and healthy. Also, your inner organs need toning.

Even a small bit of exercise goes a long way toward lifting your mood and is one of the best ways to increase your vital energy.

Gladly, there are a thousand different ways to exercise from walking in the park to trendy gyms, from alpine mountain climbing to open water freediving. The choice is yours, and you can be as playful as you like.

Practicing one of the many forms of yoga asanas (poses) is particularly recommendable as it combines flexibility with strength and balance. Consciously moving you body unlocks so many possibilities for personal transformation as you work on your mind and body connection.

One of the best remedies for depression? Excercise!

5. Enjoy Nature

Be in the outdoors and walk in nature. Look at the clouds, walk barefoot on grass and sand. Connect to the powerful electromagnetic energy of mother earth as you charge up your batteries.

Forests are full of vital energy and will automatically destress you and boost your energy levels. Nature walks have an overall clearing effect.

And even if you live in a big city, any patch of green is a welcome oasis.

Walk in the Forest

6. Meditate

Just 15 to 20 minutes of meditation per day a day can significantly enhance your vital energy.  There is no other activity that develops your consciousness as fast as meditation.

There are many different forms of meditation. It can be as simple as doing rhythmic breathing, or it could also include visualization.

What is essential is to become still and turn the gaze inwards and explore one’s inner, subjective world.

7. Work with Your Breath

Working with your breath, aka breathwork, refers to a variety of breathing exercises or techniques to control your vital energy. Breathwork can induce deep relaxation or a feeling of being energized.

Breathwork aims at improving mental, physical, and spiritual health.

While there are many forms of breathing exercises, they usually involve breathing consciously and systematically. Advanced forms of breathwork include extended breath retention. Holding your breath has so many benefits that it has to be part of a list of the best ways to increase your vital energy.

8. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping replenishes your necessary energy supply. There is no real substitute for good sleep. And in today’s hectic world, it is one of the best investments in yourself you can make.

A good night’s sleep allows you to have positive energy throughout the day. Deep sleep is the most physically restorative. The body recovers during sleep as it restores and repairs metabolic processes. Sleep also facilitates brain processing,  memory consolidation, and helps us deal with emotional challenges.

9. Be Social and Exercise Your Compassion

Social connections are hugely relevant for staying healthy into old age.

A University of California study linked low rates of disease and people getting very old to a strong social support network. People with a more lively and supportive social environment tend to have physical and mental health, especially when we age.

Now saying this in more spiritual terms: Love and compassion is a high frequency to resonate with your fellow human beings. And this positive vibration rewards ourselves and others with rejuvenating vital energy.


Laugh more to increase your vital energy

10. Laugh More

Have you tried Laughter Yoga? It’s a fascinating experience. Because you laugh your head off with a whole bunch of other people.

And what if you can’t laugh? Then fake it until you make it. And it will feel real after a while and trigger all kinds of processes that are great for increasing your vital energy.

Laughter is an excellent exercise for your facial muscles and sparks the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural happy hormones. These feel-good natural chemicals boost your mood. And endorphins can even ease physical pain for a short time.

At the same time, a good laugh decreases stress hormones while increasing immune cells and.  It is no joke, laughing makes you more resilient and resistant to disease.

And then laughter also the effect that we don’t take ourselves too seriously and thus unblocks the gentle flow of vital energy. A stiff and self-important ego holds up all kinds of streams. This liberating effect of laughter is also the reason why oppressors the world over are scared of ridicule. Hence, they will do anything to prevent people from laughing at them.

So, a hearty giggle can help and shifts vibes instantaneously. Just at times, you have to make sure it is safe to laugh out.

How to Go About Choosing the Right Activities in Real Life

So these are the best ways to increase your vital energy, wholly natural, and most of them free.

And which ones should you apply in your own life? Huh, all of them if you can and as many as you can if you feel you are too busy.

But eventually, it is a good idea to actively make an increased level of vital energy an essential goal in your life. However, it may take conscious effort in the beginning and even call for some life changes.

Yet medium and long term, it will make your life much more comfortable as you will experience high levels of wellbeing. And who wouldn’t want that?