More recently I have been looking for ways to reduce daily time spent on my practice consisting of sitting meditation (Vipassana) and yoga (asanas and pranayama).

I learned about Buteyko from a friend who addresses his hyperventilation using this breathing method.

At first sight the similarities between the Boteyko method and common practices of pranayama ( in particular breath rentention – Kumbhaka) are striking: Buteyko appears  to be a scientifically backed breathing method addressing the key benefits of pranayama head on. In conjunction with the widespread warnings about Paranayama in the ashtanga yoga system and the time intensity of the practice I am intrigued to learn more about Buteyko.

I found below videos to be a very useful introduction to the Buteyko breathing method:

Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 1

Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 2

Learn Buteyko Presentation Part 3