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The One Goal

Deepak Chopra’s Latest Book, ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes,’ Links Ancient Wisdom to Modern Comic Book Mythology

Deepak Chopra’s bestselling book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success offered readers rules to live by that had the power to materially transform their lives. But times have changed and we are balancing more than ever before. In THE SEVEN SPIRITUAL LAWS OF SUPERHEROES (HarperOne; June 2011; Hardcover; $25.99; ISBN 9780062059666), Chopra reveals seven new […]

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Dream Expert Says It’s Possible To Heal Your Body While Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, or the ability to become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state, has been proven since the late 1970’s. For years, lucid dreamers have discussed their lucid dream adventures of flying, interacting with dream figures, and influencing the dream landscape. But now, long-time lucid dreamer and author, Robert Waggoner, reports that […]

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