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Study detects the worst fattening foods

What’s more fattening, candy or chips? Over a period of 20 years, researchers have accompanied more than 120,000 people on the search for the worst fattening foods. The ranking holds a surprise. It does not sound so dramatic: about 380 grams gained the participants of a large U.S. study on average per year. But as […]

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Dream Expert Says It’s Possible To Heal Your Body While Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming, or the ability to become consciously aware of dreaming while in the dream state, has been proven since the late 1970’s. For years, lucid dreamers have discussed their lucid dream adventures of flying, interacting with dream figures, and influencing the dream landscape. But now, long-time lucid dreamer and author, Robert Waggoner, reports that […]

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