I probably should write more, much more and more often too. I affirmatively nod to myself while I am writing these lines. I had lunch today with an old friend, and we both agreed that neither of us has the drive to build a business and accumulate money frantically. We have enough and enjoy our time meditating, reading, studying, doing yoga, or,  in my case, sometimes visiting a true spiritual master manifested as a mallard duck residing in on of my favorite parks and watch.

I also have been coming back to writing more and more often, listening to and studying some consciousness tools, and am in the process of writing reviews on them. These are the audio programs I listened to and which I will post reviews for on vitailluminata.com soon. This initial selection is reasonably arbitrary and only a start.

Gregg Braden – The Lost Mode of Prayer

Lama Surya Das – Tibetan Dream Yoga

Thich Nhat Hahn – No Death, No Fear

Joe Vitale – The Awakening Course

Shinzen Young – The Science of Enlightenment

Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping

Wayne Dyer – Manifest Your Destiny

Fell contact me if there is any particular program, loosely termed ‘consciousness tool,’ that you would like to see reviewed here.